As work continues on the Southeast Louisiana Flood Control projects, questions and concerns may arise. Should this occur, please contact us through the SELA information phone line 504-833-5717.

Q: How are SELA Projects selected?

A: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers selects SELA projects based on feasibility studies, which weigh the cost of flood damages verses flood control improvements in specific areas. Jefferson Parish can recommend, but does not choose the SELA projects.The Parish has recommended projects, several of which have been added, while others are under study. SELA Projects address major drainage canals and pump station improvements, but do not address secondary sources such as subsurface pipes and ditches that carry water from homes to canals.

Q: My street floods during heavy rain because the drains or culverts are clogged with debris. Is there anything I can do?

A: While parish drainage department employees regularly maintain and clean drains, the parish has thousands of drains and culverts, therefore, the parish encourages citizens to keep the drains in front of their properties clear of yard debris that can slow or clog drains. All minor drainage complaints should be directed to the Jefferson Parish Drainage Complaint Division.

On the East Bank, call 736-6578; on the West Bank, call 437-4939; and on weekends and after hours, call 736-6006.